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    Libra (24 Sep-23 Oct) : Recognize       Zlw (24 oUk - 23 A˃wgk) : Kyhwg xPdgd  

Librans hate to be rude, yet they'll straighten the crooked picture on your wall and snap off your blaring TV set. Librans love people, but they hate large crowds. Like gentle doves of peace, they go around mediating and patching tip quarrels between others; still they enjoy a good argument themselves. They're goodnatured and pleasant, but they can also be sulky, and they balk at taking orders. Librans are extremely intelligent. At the same time, they're incredibly naive and gullible. They'll talk your ear off, yet they're wonderfully good listeners. Librans are restless people. But they seldom rush or hurry. Are you completely confused? You're not alone. There's a frustrating inconsistency to this Sun sign that puzzles the Librans themselves as much as it does others.


Lots of people will tell you that Libra is all love and beauty and sweetness and light. That's fine, as far as it goes, but it stops a little short of accuracy. It also stops short of Eugene O'Neill. Just because the sign is symbolized by the golden scales of justice, don't ever think that Libras are always perfectly balanced. It seems to be a logical deduction. After all, the purpose of scales is to balance. However, did you ever watch the balancing process on a pair of old-fashioned pharmaceutical scales? The ultimate goal is to get both sides even, but what happens? First one side is low, then the other. Up and down, and they dip until there's perfect balance. Drop into a friendly neighborhood pharmacy and watch them in action. (Just tell the druggist you're trying to find out what makes Aunt Martha tick.)


Never again will you have a mental picture of a Libran as a calm, perfectly balanced, sweet, gracious and charming individual. You'll have a mental picture of a person who has that kind of disposition half the time. The other half of the time, Libra can be annoying, quarrelsome, stubborn, restless, depressed and confused. Libra is first up, then down. He swings one way, then another. Suddenly, like the scales-perfect balance! It's heavenly. But there is always that period of weighing and dipping before the moment of heavenly balance is achieved.


>> There's a frustrating inconsistency to this Sun sign that puzzles the Librans themselves as much as it does others. <<


The physical appearance of these people may require almost as much concentration as the personality. There's no such thing as a typical Libra feature, unless its the Venus dimple.

Zlw RwZKkw kq pZ NYwgwc Kk, xK ZwkekI Zwkw Awedwk btwl UwOwdw h^wR erw QxgUwK owRw Kk bg Ggv Awedwk xSk-xSk Kkw xUxh oUUwK Q^r fl bg Zlwkw iwdn hwlwgwo, xK AdK iwdnk xhr Zwbk AeQb mwxk ewtkwbk iZwB omylhwg Zwkw Adbk SMrw-xggwb icZw Ggv iyiwvowk Rd jwg xK Zwkw xdRkwI hwlw GKUw xgZK Kkw aK xeQew ptdw Zwkw omyl Ggv Zwbk o AwdbbwtK xK iwS ic Zwkw kwiMkkk Qwdw (pwoZ Zwbk iwdw) pt DVZ ewk Awbm iwdZ Pki AxdQK pt IV Zlw RwZKkw LgB gxiwd GKB owa, Zwkw Pkihwg okl


>> GB kwxmk KwjKlwe, gxmk ic GZw pZwmwgK Aowio xKvgw cwkwgwxpK xkZwk Ahwg ktQ j Ad iwdnZw gUB, Zwkw xdRkwI GKK oit xdRbk AwPkY AgwK pt jwt <<


opRB Adk eZwkYwk xmKwk pt Zwkw Kaw gl Awedwk Kwd e^wxKt flg xK GKB owa Zwkw Awedwk Lg hwlw mwZwI pg Zlwkw Axk eKxZk iwdn xK Kwd KwR KbwxPu Zwkw Zwrwrw Kk Awexd ekwexk xgw pt xMtQd? Awexd c GKw dd GB kwxmk KwjKlwe, gxmk ic GZw pZwmwgK Aowio xKvgw cwkwgwxpK xkZwk Ahwg ktQ j Ad iwdnZw gUB, Zwkw xdRkwI GKK oit xdRbk AwPkY AgwK pt jwt


AdK iwdnB AwedwK glg j Zlw plw hwlwgwow, o#bj, xiZw, Awlwk kwxm oUw hwlw, jZqY Ghwg PlQ xK Mg e#Qwgwk AwMB ai jwItw Zwk Ahwo BDRd I'dBl (1936 od dwgl xgRty AwixkKwd dwUKwk) Gk gxYZ GKUw oh bkZI e#Q xKdw oUwI obp Zlwbk eZyKxU GKUw oxgPwkk Yk xdxiZ ewlw glB hg dgd dw j Zwkw xdRkwI ogoit xk hwkowi Agwt ktQ GUw ptZw id pg j GKUw j#xK Adiwd Agm ewlwk KwRB plw hwkowi kqw Kkw Awexd xK ekwdw fwiwxoDxUKwl ewlwlwZ iwew-iwxek bm bLQd? olwk Awol D˥m plw ewlwUwk bewmK hwkowi btw xK Awol Ky NU? GKgwk GKewm Ki pt, Zw AwkKgwk Ad ewm Ki pt GB Ki gxm Kk Kk Agmn hwkowi Awo ghwgwed Kwd exZgmyk fwixoZ xMt GB iwewiwxek bm ejgqY Kk bLZ ewkd (Inc xgˢZwK c gld j Kyhwg bewm oiwd Kkw og oUwB Awexd bLZ Pwd)


mw, xdL^Zhwg AxgPl, idwki, ipu Ggv PiuKwk gxZI GB PiuKwk oit Zlw RwZKk icI AwkKgwk ewgd xK dw K Rwd Zlw RwZKk gxZk ic GkKi GKUw oit Awexd  ewgd xVKB, xK oUw xbdk AcKUwk Rd xK xbdk gwxK AcKUw oit o xgkxKk, SMrwU, xRxb, Axk, pZwm, Ggv xgw pt awKg Awgwk pVwu KkB, bwxr-ewlwk Ahw hwkowik iZwB oI Zwk hwkowi ARd Kkg GUw jd Myt xK GB Myt hwkowi Awowk AwM H Ki-gxmk gwewkUw awKgB


Gbk gwxpK Ppwkw bL xPdZ pl ZZUKB idwjwM bkKwk jZUK Zwk gxZK gSZ pl bkKwk Zlw RwZKk owcwkY gxm gl gZ Zid xKQ dB, jxb dw GUw hdwo xWel pt

Zlw Kyhwg xPdgd, AwkI... :   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9   

Last Update: April 23 2014 23:35:52


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