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    Libra (24 Sep-23 Oct) : Man       Zlw (24 oUk - 23 A˃wgk) : ekn  

You'll get plenty of free advice from this man. He'll have the perfect solution to all your problems and an answer for every question you ask. But there's no use expecting him to be the answer to all your girlish dreams. He'll change some of them and argue with others. A Libra male can be as cranky as a crocodile with poison ivy, and his habit of rationalizing everything, including love, will drive you to frenzy-or leave you limp with defeat.


Still, I must warn you that once you're caught and enmeshed in the Libran charm, it won't be easy to break away. Trying to escape from a bear trap is a cinch, compared to liberating yourself from a Libran man. If you try to run, he'll persuade you to stay with such logical, intelligent arguments you couldn't hope to top them unless you graduated from Harvard Law School. In addition to using his unmatched reasoning powers on you, he'll turn so sweet and gentle you'll forget the frustrating inconsistencies of his nature that upset you before. Then he'll smile at you and something will happen inside. Your heart will turn over.


From that moment on, the battle will be lost. His dreams will be your dreams, and nothing will matter so much as making him happy. You'll seek that smile and need it to survive the way a thirsty traveler needs water. Only a really hard-hearted Hannah could resist a Libran smile, and she'd have to summon all her determination to avoid being magnetized by its purity. The Libran charm is not like the hypnotic persuasion of the Scorpio. The attraction of Libra is logical and real, not supernatural in any sense. There's no black magic about it, just common sense submission to his heavenly aura.


On the other hand, to use his favorite catch phrase, there will be times when those Libra scales dip back and forth with crazy contradiction. You'll have to shout at him, push him into the lake, or stand on your head to get his attention and force him to make a move. Don't be so naive as to think love will be smooth and eternally tranquil, even if he is ruled by Venus. If you're up on your Roman mythology, you're aware that Venus had her off days.


>> He'll change some of them and argue with others. A Libra male can be as cranky as a crocodile with poison ivy. <<


Still, when the scales balance, life with Libra can be as intoxicating as a goblet of golden ambrosia, with lots of laughs and a casual freedom known only to the gods who cavort on Olympus.

GB eknxUk KwQ aK Awexd ePk ovLK xgdwil Debm ewgd Zwk KwQ Awedwk jKwd oiowk Dej֣ oiwcwd ktQ Ggv Awedwk jKwd emk DkI Zwk Rwdw AwQ xK Awedwk itly elwk Kwd Dk Zwk KwQ eZwmw dw KkwB hwlw xKQ xKQ eK o gbl bg, Awk gwbgwKylw xdt Awedwk owa ZK Rr bg ̢wKwWwBlk Mwt etod AwBxh lwMl oUw jid AwhwxgK AwPkY Kk Zixd xgkxKk pt IV Awedwk GB Zlw ekn Ggv ogxKQKB, GidxK hwlwgwowKI jx xbt xgPwk Kkwk Zwk GB hwg AwedwK ̢wc ewMl Kk bg xKvgw AwedwK ekwRtk jYwt e Kk bg


>> xKQ xKQ eK o gbl bg, Awk gwbgwKylw xdt Awedwk owa ZK Rr bg ̢wKwWwBlk Mwt etod AwBxh lwMl oUw jid AwhwxgK AwPkY Kk Zixd xgkxKk pt IV Awedwk GB Zlw ekn <<


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Zlw eknk gxm, AwkI... :   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9   

Last Update: April 23 2014 23:35:52


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